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An exclusive fellowship of global influencers bound by a shared vision of ultimate living.



Ulteam is an international members’ club redefining the power of conscious networking.

It is a space where competition becomes community, where people connect and reciprocal synergies are cultivated at mindfully curated events.  

We tailor time to empower individuals, businesses and brands to unite, think, create and achieve, to fulfil personal potential as part of a global whole.


The Team


"Every time we act, eat, talk, create, we decide what kind of world we want to live in. Bring awareness to every aspect of our lives is the most vital thing to improve our society. Every being has the power to empower. The right environment and entourage influence change. I believe it can only improve on a bigger scale if it first happens on the individual level"

Marie-Cassandre Bultheel

Cofounder & CEO

"Wellness is not just a trend for green juices and clean eating. It's a complex and powerful ecosystem of mind, body and spirit and it’s not just down to luck.  It can be achieved through active living, orchestrating a lifestyle that encourages harmony between all three. Finding your own individual path to well-being is the only way to live life to its full potential, it’s personal, yet we can inspire each other to discover and achieve our ultimate purpose."

Olga Polienko

Cofounder & Wellness Director

Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement and success have no meaning.

Benjamin Franklin


The Membership

Imagine the ultimate team, awake to the challenges of today, united by a shared vision to enrich tomorrow.

Connect to a conscious fellowship of empowered influencers and embrace the global potential of redefining competition as community.  Unlock the world’s future with your key to ultimate living.


We welcome empowered individuals who envision solutions for sustainable change.



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